Learn How to Sell Your House Fast – For Those Separated Or Divorced Who Want to Move On

May 31, 2020

The marriage is over. Hubby has done a runner. You want to sell your house fast so you can move on. Then your realtor says the real estate market is as depressed as you are and you need to reduce your price by a hundred thousand dollars.

Don’t despair, there is good news. You CAN sell fast and without dropping the price. By fast I mean in as little as 21 days.

We all know there’s 50 ways to leave your lover, but there is only one way to move on – sell your house fast! The secret is to copy what others have done to successfully sell their houses in a depressed market. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Most importantly you learn how to write specifically worded advertisements and lodge them in local & national newspapers, even magazines. Back this up with an ad (free) on the internet and you will start to see results. This is not difficult; this information and more is out there, you just need to know where to look. The secret is to make your ad stand out, be different to those normally placed by Realtors. If you are like me and you’ve had your house on the market for a long time, then you know something has to change or the results will remain the same. As soon as I followed these simple steps positive things started to happen.

It works; soon prospect buyers will be eager to inspect your home, some will initially want to view photos online, others will be asking for an inspection. Either way this is the time to impress. Remember to sell your house fast you have to captivate them, hold their interest to the point they disregard other properties in your area.

Next take some photos of your home, inside & out. Use a digital camera, even your phone camera will do. Or if it’s easier get a professional to take them for you. Make sure you include the lounge, kitchen, bathrooms and patio as these are the areas buyers are most interested in. Then upload your photos to an online real estate website (free), this means you don’t have to have your own website for people to view your house.

Tip: Remove all personal items before photographing, especially anything relating to the ‘ex’, we don’t want any distractions…! Presentation is one of the keys to success.

Remember: The sweetest form of revenge is to show ‘the ex’ you can do it alone. And do it well, Sell My Chattanooga House Fast and for top dollar (that will taste so sweet!).

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